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Customer Service AI Case Study

A global sports retailer, facing a decline in app store ratings due to customer service issues, collaborated with 235 Services to implement an AI-driven solution to enhance customer service efficiency and experience. The AI solution, developed and deployed by 235 Services, was designed to handle customer queries round-the-clock, learning from each interaction to improve over time. This AI integration led to a significant increase in efficiency, improved customer experience due to 24/7 service availability, and a 17% boost in the company's bottom line, attributed to increased sales and reduced costs. This case study exemplifies how AI can revolutionize customer service processes, offering valuable insights for retailers seeking to leverage AI for customer service improvement.

Web Filtering Case Study

A large organisation, seeking to improve service quality and reduce costs, decided to insource its web filtering process with the help of 235 Services. The process involved developing a pilot product, forming an in-house team, and delivering the final web filtering product. This transition resulted in improved service quality due to a superior product and dedicated team, significant cost savings, and a successful rollout with minimal disruption. The success of this insourcing served as a model for other teams within the organisation, considering insourcing other functions. This case study demonstrates the potential benefits of insourcing critical IT functions, providing valuable insights for other companies contemplating similar transitions.

Public Sector AI Case Study

A national healthcare organisation, faced challenges with its manual, error-prone HR process for staff transfers, leading to delays and employee dissatisfaction. To streamline this process, the healthcare organisation partnered with 235 Services to integrate AI, automating the transfer process and using predictive analysis for future planning. This AI integration resulted in significantly reduced delays, improved planning, and increased employee satisfaction due to a faster, more transparent process. Given the success, the organisation decided to implement the system organisation-wide, further enhancing HR efficiency. This case study highlights AI's potential to streamline HR processes in the healthcare sector, providing valuable insights for other organisations considering similar AI enhancements.